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HokieAl Mar Sat 28, 2015 10:55 am
Kind of difficult when you can't override a veto. The House had presented countless bills that Harry Reid wouldn't allow to come to a vote. Now that we can get past that, do you really think the arrogant king will do the slightest bit of compromising? I don't. But I agree, they should present him with all kinds of citizen-friendly legislation just so that he can further demonstrate his disdain for those of us who are trying.
specialties Mar Sat 28, 2015 7:20 am
Nixon 19 minutes of missing tapes, hrc 35,000 missing e-mails...

Nixon 1 lie, hrc how many lies??

It's karma since hrc was then on Nixon like a pit bull for Nixon pulling the mask off of alger hiss ...
dlb Mar Fri 27, 2015 4:08 am
As we ;eave our school years behind and enter into the business and professional world we are faced with the new challenge of being young and accepted. Building our credibility and support system through mentoring and coaches, for some it means waking up early and facing a long morning commute. I am fortunate I have been able to work close to home.While we are there we do our best to persevere the winds of time to always be moving ahead, to get beyond difficult times some of get through the pressures by 'shopping til we drop' and one day wake up to find we are head over heels in debt. Now we must work to rebuild our own self-esteem and pay off that debt usually closer to that time we come to when retirement is looming closer and closer. The past decade we have seen a couple major recessions, for me i was the one facing that debt atrocity and suddenly realized I caused it, without asking or seeking any payraise, I overturned that Trojan Horse and the experience has been wonderful.

I love my work and customer service, turning people around to help them see and understand. Solving their problems means more to me than anything. When I solved my own financial problems, and had my first AHA moment that was HUGE! I discovered the key to finding new success was to put the past into memory status, and start where you are today. Take inventory of what you HAVE, and what you OWE. That can be and was very depressing, but as quickly as you get that down on paper before you - look ahead and envision a goal and mine was to be in control of my finances and debtfree in 10 years. That was 8 years ago, and I am close to that big goal and never want to go back again - those were scarey times for me when I began with bill collectors calling all the time. The test for me was moving from having a weekly to a bi-weekly paycheck - could I do it?

Well, I smile as I did it. I climbed over that new obstacle like a breeze and I am in the process of writing a book of that experience to help others face life and realize that when you stop and take an inventory of where you are and set new goals always moving forward we do not need more money, we just need to tap into our own resource bank of creativity to realize that we are all born with the tools we need to survive - but are never shown that or how to use them. This is for each of us to discover on our own. My book which shows you how I discovered this and helped myself is called, "Mastering The Alpha-Omega Advantage: Journey to Personal Success". I am hoping to hold on for two more years to pay off a student loan and complete this book, and then move forward myself to set my next big goal to conquer. It may just be in the next decade of my life travelling all 52 states and promoting this technique I am mastering every day of my life on my own journey to personal success. It is not easy, and yes it takes work - but is worth every second to your own personal happiness. Don't let anyone hold you back!

So Jerry, as you retire after 31 years - think of it as not the end, but just the beginning to something better. Happy travelling! Congratulations on moving forward into the next phase of your life, may it be even more rewarding and successful!
Miketinternet Mar Thu 26, 2015 8:39 am
1. Senior Center freedom trail
2. The DQ Connector
3. Webster adventure walk
4. Sidewalk 2020 (knock off of sewer 2000)
Joseph Mar Thu 26, 2015 8:11 am
Looks like the result is less Open Space acquisition - less true Historical Preservation and Restoration - more money for 'engineers' and 'consultants' and contractors. In short, the CPA now becomes a public works stimulus - which is what the politicians want in order to buy more votes from certain sectors. More potential for kickbacks.
And while this transformation goes on 'Affordable Housing' funding from the CPA funds remains the same or increases.
specialties Mar Thu 26, 2015 5:20 am
Yesterday's news from the halls of shame reveal that Google and Netflix use up more than 50% of the network total bandwidth...
The WH log also shows that Google has made 425 visits there recently...

Could it mean that the bama also knows how to run our 'free market' commerce???

ie: I use a bottom of the line cell phone service... The overall rating is next to useless but then again I only pay about 3-4 dollars a month for it's limited usefulness...

Do the Google visits to the WH mean that I am going to receive cell phone service like that of a gold star Verizon cell customer???

C'mon government, get in and help us po folks summore...
specialties Mar Wed 25, 2015 6:35 pm
Alas, we have a quorum...
hairman Mar Wed 25, 2015 1:14 pm
Thank you very much but getting the hang
of it,I have not come a couch potatoe but seems to vacuum a lot.Had all my garden things sharpened and work on the same 3 acres I used to rush home to do twice a week...also doing over my mustang because when I am in it I Get checked out.makes me LQQK like I am really cute and young.especially after my B12 shot.Now,,send me money,I need so much more, jerry
Joseph Mar Wed 25, 2015 9:57 am
Come on, anyone? Why DID the lobster cross the road?
Joseph Mar Tue 24, 2015 3:35 pm
Town budget games, AKA Marshfield Kabuki Theatre

All you want to know how town government works: ... 3IHdm2Tf8g

"The people shouting from the gallery help create a dramatic sense of climax to the story."

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