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Vlad_Rap Apr Fri 24, 2015 5:02 pm
Just a few timely snipets from the comments after this article... ... -syndicate
Hmm..shortly after the Anglo-American takeover of the World's Largest Opium Producer, Americans were offered a choice of Presidents between Skull & Bones A vs Skull & Bones B. Skull & Bones is a Yale secret society founded and funded by the Russell Trust, whose family fortune was made running drugs and weapons during the Opium Wars...

There are three major scams. Historically, war was first, then religion as a tool to create war, then money creation as a tool to coerce people into war. Today, the order of their effectiveness is money creation, religion and war. Each is headquartered in a city state, with laws unto itself and beholden to no tax system. Money creation = Inner City of London; Religion = Vatican; War = Washington DC...

After 6 Years of no interest on Savings & Checking Accounts & CDs... you have to have some conclusions about concern for Main Street.

- It was 50 Years of US Stock Market Obscurity, till like 1980 when stocks became interesting, but US Public Burned in the Original Stock Market Crash in 1929, eschewed Stock Equities

- But Technology Grew in Capital Ownership
- Computers & Automation & now Robotics came in
- Outsourcing & Off Shoring came in
- US Decapitalization became a Trend
- US Mergers & LBO became a Trend
- Many Visible means to Reduce Costs became Culture

- Today Still no hue and Cry about lost 6 Years for Fixed Income US Voters/Savers
- The Public was Fooled by Conflicting Policies starting in the 1970s with the Nixon Shock and Petrol Dollar
- Hidden Policies like the Monroe Doctrine of US Military Republic Remain little known even though older than 1823
- Ron Paul just made a statement that Foreign Police will Remain confusing, and therefore wasteful and corrupt

- US Savers are just one of the Victims of Executive Office Conflicted Policies and Lip Service to do what is best for all people
- Wealth Migration from the Middle Class & Poor to the .1% will continue, the effects are a certainty with current trends, trend analysis, and poor Democracy in USA
- Political System is broken, Free Press is Broken
- Federal Tax Policy Trend is less tax on Commerce & Wealthy, leaving the Biggest Corporate Welfare System in history to harvest the Wealth of ordinary people on Main Street
- Wall Street is so Crooked, Auditing is gone, Real Ratings are gone, to an Era of Replica Financial Instruments, Fraud Reigns Supreme, All Markets are Fixed
- $18 Trillion Exponential Federal Deficit, 6 years ZIRP for Savers, Endless Foreign Wars, Free & Full Charters for TBTF Banks to Create Money from thin air, Endless Fraud, Endless Lobbying delays legislation then buys the Legislation, Endless Free Trade to Slave Labor which can be hidden anywhere it turns out, Endless Monopolies as Lobbying Props up and effectly overturns Teddy Roosevelt to where it like Roosevelt was never born
- The Money Trust not taught in Schools, the Folly of US Stock Markets not taught in Schools,

What set USA apart from Third World Countries was:

- Interest on Savings or CDs
- Success in Financial Markets in a Modern Era
- Strong Wages that allowed workers to buy cars, houses, houses, Stereos, Computers
- Strong Manufacturing. Pride in USA Autos.
- Military Strength, Great Weapons, Strategic Locations
- US Inventiveness/Creativity
- US Equality, Credit for all who could work, Justice for those that stayed out of Trouble
- The Illusion that US Politics worked, that social programs would now help the poor, sick or elderly, that politics were inclusive, that Education systems were Honest, that we had a Free Press
- And the USA had Civil, Individual, and Human Rights and that they were permanent in our Justice System protected by the DOJ, FBI, SEC, FTC, GAO, CBO, FINRA, FDIC, Treasury, FED, OCC... and our Bank Examiners & Government Employees

Bottom Line: US has become Europe of the 1960s

Hillary and Jeb !! What a team!!!
JIMD Apr Fri 24, 2015 4:22 pm
HokieAl Apr Fri 24, 2015 2:54 pm
The-Oracle wrote:
Been watching the drought on the west coast?

Drought Hypocrisy: San Francisco Using Drinking Water To Heat City Hall, Other Buildings

a quarter million gallons a day goes wasted. Good drinking water ends up in the sewer
HokieAl Apr Fri 24, 2015 10:10 am
Mac66 wrote:
Will not be buying the watch. Not cool enough. But something like 3 million did, preorder wise.

I know, I can't believe it. Most likely Apple fans. It's not jewelry, but it's priced like it. After that lot, who else buys one?

Anyway, you heard it here. It's a big flop. IMO. I'd love to be wrong though, even though I no longer own the stock.
Swamp Yankee Apr Fri 24, 2015 8:02 am
Selectman Stephen Robbins said he would call on his board to look into reviewing the town’s charter at the end of Town Meeting.
Robbins said plans are in place for Town Moderator Jim Fitzgerald to read a resolution at the end of Annual Town Meeting that would start the process of the charter review.
If voters approve the measure, Selectmen would have 30 days to have a discussion about how to proceed with the review. ... /150428713
HokieAl Apr Thu 23, 2015 4:10 pm
Same day, different story:

Google reveals disappointing earnings for sixth consecutive quarter ... feedburner

Google first-quarter revenue jumps 12 percent, shares rise ... ector.html
HokieAl Apr Thu 23, 2015 8:40 am
MCasper wrote:

These people are A-moral and the irony is that they are the very people lecturing us on morality.

Hit 'em where it hurts and blame the other guy. I'll bet most people still believe that the sequester cuts were the cause of all those things you listed, rather than a spiteful president.
bobkat Apr Thu 23, 2015 8:22 am
bobkat wrote:
Joseph wrote:
Scumbags wrote:
YEA, that is just wrong....
Joseph you have no clue.

Anybody with a clue would be more concerned if a jet or any airplane that was trying to land had their wheels up.
But like everything else you said wrong, misleading, completely with out basis in fact.

Keep it up though, it always good for a laugh....

Have a nice day


Obviously you would not want to report or admit any incidents - like a potential mid-air collision, like what happens when a plane flying on approach meets a plane on departure - head-on, and like what appeared to be about to happen this morning right over Fieldston.
Why let people be aware of the dangers of confused and deranged wahoos riding low over their neighborhoods on tanks of hundreds of gallons of jet fuel?
And, I got your handle correct, "Scumbags."

Joseph why haven't you reported your claim to the FAA. They do not white wash things like that.

Joseph I asked you question 4 days ago about reporting your claim to the FAA. You haven't answered my question or even posted to your favorite topic. Your silence is very telling about you. I believe you are the boy that cried wolf one to many times.
specialties Apr Thu 23, 2015 6:27 am
On February 26th the FCC voted to take over the Internet promising that they would make it better. They used words like "fairness", "equality", and "opportunity", but the truth is, everything they are doing threatens ALL of those things.

Only a free Internet can provide the environment for innovation and advancement. And it's been proven for years.

An Internet outside of FCC jurisdiction has created millions of jobs. Businesses across the globe have succeeded online, without regulation, contributing trillions of dollars to the world economy. Just 15 years ago, 95.1 million Americans had access to the Internet. Now there are almost 300 million users. The continual increase in access to the Internet has made life better for every American. The upward momentum and positive impact of Internet innovation has never been more clear.

Why would the FCC want to put their hands on this now? When all of these things happened specifically because the Internet was not yet strangled by the red tape of Washington bureaucrats?

Why would the FCC want to ruin such a good thing? For the typical political reason: to increase their own authority.

Under the rules of the Internet takeover, America's innovators will be subjected to intense regulations, higher fees, and even content regulation. These new processes won't make the Internet better. It will kill it.

After decades of success, the FCC will successfully stifle the upward mobility created by a free web unless we work to repeal and defend their efforts.

We can't let the FCC ruin a good thing. Stand up today and fight to keep the Internet free.

Stand with us,

Team Freedom
HokieAl Apr Wed 22, 2015 10:41 am
pat wrote:

So to make this perfectly clear, here are my opinions:

You still haven't been clear, because you've clearly contradicted yourself.

pat wrote:

I think we'd be better off if all guns were eliminated.

So you wan't all guns eliminated

pat wrote:

Any attempt at legislation that attempts to remove guns from lawful citizens is a bad idea and I would never suggest this.

But you wouldn't suggest eliminating all guns.

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