Tutorial #4 UCP Usergroups and Friends and Foes Tab.

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Tutorial #4 UCP Usergroups and Friends and Foes Tab.

Post by Ian Dashner » Jun Wed 13, 2007 4:44 pm

If you are unfamiliar with terminology within this tutorial please consult previous tutorials for the definitions you are looking for.

The last two tabs in the UCP are the Usergroups tab and the Friends and Foes tab. Clicking on the Usergroups tab brings us to a screen like this:
You are brought immediately to the edit memberships screen. Here the groups that you are currently enrolled in or are open to join are listed with radial buttons to select and edit using the pull down menu in the lower right hand corner. Your options are to enroll, unenroll, or step down as group leader (if you hold the leader position). Simply choose the action you wish and click submit.

The manage groups option on the side control panel allows you to manage groups you are a leader of. Group leaders can mange who are members of the group and adjust the groups permissions if the group has a forum section of their own.

Aside from the ability to easily share mass emails with group members. Groups may also have an avatar of their own. The benefits of groups don't end there. Groups allows the forum to be more decentralized in its management making it easier for members to form their own groups to communicate for any reason. Confused yet? Let's make an example.

Let's say five forum members wanted to start an online book club. To accomplish that all they would have to do is to choose a leader and ask me to create the group and a forum space for them (could be hidden or readable by others), and then YOU manage the rest. Someone wants to join your book club the group leader simply adds them and they have access. The leader needs a little help with managing that little forum he could adjust a few of the members permissions to give them moderating ability. All without coming back and asking me to do it. Usergroups offer greater autonomy to the users and the ability to establish smaller groups within the community.

The next and final tab we are exploring in this tutorial series are the friends and foes tab. When you click on the tab you are brought to a screen like this:
There are two options to work with in this screen, manage friends and manage foes. Both are edited in the same manner. To add a friend or a foe simply type that friend or foe's name into the dialogue box and click submit, and they will be added to the list. To remove someone from the list simply highlight their name by clicking on it and click submit. When you add someone to the friendlist your UCP will show you whether or not that user is on the forum. Post and threads a friend has contributed to will also have special icons signifying their presence. Posts by foes are blocked from your view so you don't have to read them. This is a good function to use on trolls that tend to leave grafitti on threads.

That covers everything the UCP does please pm the me with any additional questions and I will include them in a followup FAQ on the UCP.
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