Tutorial #3 Private Messaging through the UCP

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Tutorial #3 Private Messaging through the UCP

Post by Ian Dashner » Jun Mon 11, 2007 10:30 pm

If you have any problems with the terminology used in this tutorial please check prior tutorials to catch up on the jargon.

When you enter the UCP and click on the Private Messages tab you will be brought to the compose message option of the private message tab:
It works like a normal posting box. To add the sender simply type the recipient's name in the address box and click add. You can add as many recipients as you'd like and do blind carbon copies with the add bcc. You can also send messages to whole usergroups by clicking on a usergroup from the list to the right and clicking the add button.

The other options you will see on the side control panel are:

Manage PM Drafts: Here you can manage drafts much like you can in the overview tab. Only this is for PM's
Inbox: This is the basic inbox where messages are defaulted to be delivered.
Saved Messages: This is a default folder for messages you want to save.
Any folders you add will be in this space.
Outbox: Contains all messages you have sent out but have not been read by their intended recipients.
Sent Messages: Contains all messages sent and recieved by the recipients.
Rules, folders and settings: Allows you to customize the behavior of your pm inbox so that it automatically organizes itself as you would like it to.

When you click on the Rules, folders, and settings options you will be brought to this:
Rules are simple commands that tells the inbox how to deal with specific types of mail. It is operated through simple pull down menu items. They make if statements that could look something like this, the []'s are pull down commands:
If [sender] [is friend] then [place in friends folder].

The software would then proceed to place all your messages from users on your friends list into that folder. Please not you must create the folder before you can have messages sent to it. You can even make rules to have messages from certain people deleted immediately.

Other things you can do is add or rename folders and change other pm options such as whether to have pm's held when you are over your load limit or to have the system delete an old pm to make room.

On the way is the final installment of our UCP tutorial series: Usergroup + Friends and Foes.
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