Tutorial #2 The UCP's Profile and Board Preferences Tabs

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Tutorial #2 The UCP's Profile and Board Preferences Tabs

Post by Ian Dashner » Jun Mon 11, 2007 9:22 pm

This tutorial will assume that the reader already knows how to access the UCP (User Control Panel), and that they understand what the references to tabs and side control panel mean. If you are lost on these issues please consult Tutorial #1.
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When you first click on the profile tab the UCP will pull up a list of prompts about contact information and personal information you would like to share with the other users of the forum. You can answer these prompts by clicking on the Input fields provided and typing in the information you would like to share then clicking on submit:
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The next profile option on the side control panel is the Edit Signature option:
When you click on that on option on the side control panel you will see a post box that is identical to the post reply box of the forum. This post box operates exactly like the other one. You may use any of the BB tags including the IMG tag to customize your signature to add a picture or stylize your text. When finished click submit to finalize your changes.

The next profile option on the side control panel is the Edit Avatar option:
Here you can upload an avatar from your computer to use by clicking the browse button. You can choose a gallery avatar. Or you can grab one from another URL to be copied by the forum to use by entering the URL in the field provided. When you are finished click submit.

The final profile option on this tab is the Edit Account Settings option.
Here you can edit your username, password, and email information by filling out the fields and clicking on submit. Changing your password and email information will require your account to be reactivated. The administrators are notified when this occur and will reactivate you as soon as possible.

The next Tab in the UCP we are going to visit is the Board Preferences Tab:
The first option we are confronted with is the global settings. These are board's settings that effect your browser board wide. Most of them have to do with timezone preferences and language preference. The most important field of all these is the board style option. Changing this option will change the whole look of the board and even where a few of the links will appear. Currently we have to board styles: prosilver and subsilver 2. Subsilver 2 looks the most like the old board. Simply click the pull downs and radial buttons to your desired settings and as always click submit.

The next option in the Board Preferences tab is the posting defaults:
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This is pretty much the same as the first option. Simply check off and submit.

The last option is the display options:
These options will effect what content will display on your browser. If you are on dial up and page load times are troublesome I would suggest turning off things such as avatars and video to help your load time. As before check off and click submit. Well that the tour the the Profile and Board Preferences tabs of the UCP.

Stay tuned for third in our UCP series, Private Messages Tab.
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