Tutorial #1 The User Control Panel's Overview Tab Options

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Tutorial #1 The User Control Panel's Overview Tab Options

Post by Ian Dashner » Jun Mon 11, 2007 6:23 pm

This is the beginning of a series of "how to" tutorials to help you navigate and take advantage of the board's new software.

The settings in your UCP (User Control Panel) offers many options that can make your forum browsing experience easier and more enjoyable. This tutorial will go over the different options in the the overview tab of your UCP.

To access your UCP you click on the circled link underneath the board's banner. That link will bring you to a screen like this:

Along the top of the UCP's working space are tabs used to navigate the different Menu field's for the UCP. These never change. The side control panel does change however, depending on what tab you are browsing the side control panel will present options that correspond with that tab. This tutorial will cover the options that appear on the Overview tab.

From the overview tab you can manage your forum/topic subscriptions, your topic bookmarks, your saved drafts, and your uploaded attachments. The front page displays some statistics about your posts.

To manage you subscriptions click on its button on the side control panel. It will bring you to a screen like this:

In this screen you can unsubscribe to topics or forums you have subscribed to. All you need to do is click on the checkboxes and click on the unwatch marked button to submit the request. The system will then unsubscribe you. Moving down the side control panel, our next option is manage bookmarks:

On this screen you can access your bookmarked topics to jump to those topics or delete bookmarks of your choice. To delete simply use the same method as was used for the subscriptions. To use the bookmarks to quickly get to a topic simply click the link. Using the options of subscribing and bookmarking topics of interest is a great way to streamline your forum browsing time by allowing you to immediately leap to topics you are interested in keeping track of. You can subscribe or bookmark a topic by clicking the links at the bottom of each topic or forum:
UCP5.gif (7.48 KiB) Viewed 831 times

The next item on the UCP is the manage drafts feature:
This new forum allows you to save drafts for later publishing. So if you really want to respond to something and time is short, but you don't want to lose the thoughts you have on the subject just write it and save it. You can access it here to finish, publish, change, or delete.

The last item on the Overview section is the manage attachments feature:
Here you can delete or change attachments you have made to your posts. This forum allows you to attach files to your posts. Every account has an allotment of 50mb's worth of space for attachments. Their are also size limits on the files themselves depending on their file types.

Coming up:

Tutorial #2 on the Profile and Board Preferences tabs on the UCP
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