Skis Dynastar Huge Trouble Skis 185cm

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Skis Dynastar Huge Trouble Skis 185cm

Post by bluewater » Feb Sun 22, 2015 9:36 am

Dynastar Huge Trouble Ski (2009). This is an amazing ski!! I've been skiing it for a few years and love it in all conditions. I'm only selling because I just have too many skis and need to cull the herd a bit. I hate that these don't get out as much as they should.

115mm makes these float like crazy in POW. But even more than that I find them to be incredible crud busters! Chopped powder, mashed potatoes, spring bumps, whatever, these things just suck it up. I've found that I can just blast through stuff that on another ski I would be making survival turns.

They have a touch of camber which means they handle fast hardpack much, MUCH better than a full rockered ski. But they are flexi enough float and bust (see above).

These have been well used. There are all the chips and nicks you'd expect. There is one decent hit on the base. That happened several years ago. I filled it once and it has held perfectly ever since. But these aren't skis to be babied anyway. If you are the type of skier who can rock these you aren't going to be worried or held back by some dings. That's all in a days work.

I'm letting these go very cheap because I'd rather see them on the slopes than sitting in my basement.

--$115 for skis only--

Bindings on these are Look/Dynastar PX12 (awesome binding) mounted for BSL 326. They have significant adjust-ability so if your BSL is the that balllpark they should work.

--$225 for skis and bindings --

Having trouble uploading pics here, but can email them to you if you're interested.

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